Shipping is ALWAYS FREE To Anywhere In The USA!
Shipping is ALWAYS FREE To Anywhere In The USA!
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About Us

Emory & Stephanie Oldaker are passionate about many things, but it wasn't until October 2018 when two of their passions came together to create Adoration Candles. 

First, they had always had the desire of owning a business they could build not only together, but with their children. They owned several businesses in the past, but at the time, their children were too young to understand what it took to build a business from the ground up and to also have the ability to participate in the process. 

Secondly, they have always enjoyed scented candles (who doesn't) and have used them for decades from many different companies. So, together this husband and wife team made a commitment to launch a new business centered around a unique, high quality candle line not just for their family and friends, but for candle lovers anywhere and everywhere. Thus, Adoration Candles was born. 

Emory & Stephanie never imagined one evening while having dinner that an idea to make a candle would became a national business in such a short period of time. They now have customers from all over the United States and have shipped THOUSANDS of orders! 

"Our desire is to use Adoration Candles as a platform to give back in abundant ways. Adoration Candles was not created for us, but for others." 

Emory & Stephanie

Photo Credit:  Lora Yeater, Memories By Lora Yeater Photography