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Receive FREE Shipping To Anywhere In The USA!
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Adoration Candles - Discounts, Commissions, Rewards and More!

Our family has always enjoyed scented candles and we have purchased THOUSANDS of dollars worth over the last couple decades.  After reflecting on all the type of candles we purchased, we realized we were never getting the quality we always hoped for...not from just one candle.  1) Either the candles were too expensive. 2) The fragrances rarely lasted (this was the case with almost all the different candles we've purchased), or 3) The candles were made with low quality wax, wicks or fragrances.

So how did Adoration Candles become a "thing?"  It all started over dinner one evening when we asked ourselves, "Why don't we just make our own?"

Trust me, we weren't looking to get into the candle business.  A lot of people don't realize the research involved or the calculations and science behind making a high quality candle...or the TIME INVOLVED!  We didn't either, but we decided to investigate.  Four months later after testing fragrances, waxes, jars, containers, wicks, etc., we thought we would give it a shot.  We made some candles for some friends and family to see where that would lead us....and the rest is history!

Nearly 8 months later, we have a full-blown e-commerce candle company where we have offer two types of candle products (JARS and our "famous" MELT CUPS) and we've shipped our candles all over the United States.

We never imagined that evening at dinner we would be where we are today...MAKING CANDLES???  But the truth is, we enjoy it.  And we believe our customers enjoy them too!  We've learned a lot along the way, but 8 months later, we not only offer amazing discounts and coupons through our e-commerce site, but we even have an Affiliate Program where affiliates can earn commissions and a Rewards Program where our customers can earn points for additional discount offers!  We love giving back and want to use Adoration Candles as a way we can give back in larger ways. We believe with both our Affiliate Program and our Rewards's a start.

Be sure to check out our Affiliate and Rewards Programs. They are both FREE to join!

About Adoration Candles

We offer premium, coconut wax scented candles. Our candles are hand-poured and beautifully showcased in 12 oz Jars. We are also pleased to offer our convenient, no mess, no fuss Melt Cups.